Brain Cancer

At Epic Care CyberKnife, we understand how emotional and overwhelming a brain cancer diagnosis can be. If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with brain cancer, you may be struggling to understand your next steps or which treatment options are best. That’s where Epic Care CyberKnife comes in. Our Walnut Creek Cancer Center will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to eliminate your cancer and restore your health.

What is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth in the brain which eventually develops into a tumor. There are two main types of brain cancer: primary brain cancer and brain metastases. Primary brain cancer occurs when normal brain cells degrade into cancerous cells and form a tumor. Brain metastases begin with cancer in a different area of the body that spreads to the brain through the bloodstream or another bodily fluid.

Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Brain cancer can take on many forms and has different levels of aggressiveness. Additionally, because the brain controls so many bodily functions, brain cancer can have mild to severe symptoms and these symptoms can vary greatly from patient to patient. The primary symptoms of brain cancer include the following:

  • Difficulty walking, experiencing overall weakness, and problems with muscle coordination
  • Persistent headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Balance issues
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling confused
  • Feeling exhausted or sleepy
  • Seizures

Brain cancer is typically difficult to diagnose based on symptoms alone. Further testing is almost always necessary. Normally, if your doctor suspects brain cancer, they will order an imaging test like an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Brain Cancer Treatment at Epic Care CyberKnife

At Epic Care CyberKnife, we utilize CyberKnife radiation therapy to reduce and eliminate brain cancer. CyberKnife offers a non-invasive option for cancer treatment and is often used in conjunction with other treatments to provide our patients with the best options available for their cancer care. Using a robotic arm, tumor tracking technology, and real-time imaging, CyberKnife delivers radiation therapy directly to the tumor with pinpoint accuracy. This accuracy allows other healthy tissues and organs to remain intact and with minimal side effects. CyberKnife is an effective treatment for brain cancer.

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If you have been recently diagnosed with brain cancer, contact Epic Care CyberKnife. Our radiation oncologists will be more than happy to evaluate your diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan using the CyberKnife system. We look forward to eliminating your cancer and restoring your health at our Walnut Creek cancer center!