Prostate Cancer & Cancer Treatment by Epic Care Cyberknife

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men over the age of 65. In the United States, prostate cancer will affect about 14% of men. At Epic Care Cyberknife, our oncologists and radiation experts are skilled at prostate cancer treatment and, when necessary, prostate cancer surgery. Our Walnut Creek Cancer Center understands the difficulty of a cancer diagnosis. For that reason, our radiation oncology team will work exceedingly hard to find a prostate cancer treatment that is right for you. With the cyberknife cancer treatment, we are confident you can beat cancer and continue living a full and healthy life.

The prostate is a small gland located just beneath the bladder. It’s primary function is to secrete the base fluid for semen. The prostate is just in front of the rectum, which is why doctors check the prostate for cancer with a rectal exam.

Prostate cancer can occur when cells in the prostate grow abnormally, forming a small lump or tumor in the prostate. There is one main type of prostate cancer called acinar adenocarcinoma which accounts for about 90% of all prostate cancer cases. This type of cancer begins in the gland cells of the prostate and grows slowly over time. It is unlikely to spread to other organs in the body. The other 10% of prostate cancer cases are caused by six types of cancer. These prostate cancers are very rare and little is known about the most effective treatment to cure these types of prostate cancer.

Cyberknife Treatment East Bay California & Prostate Cancer

The Cyberknife Treatment System is a non-surgical treatment that delivers an incredibly high dose of radiation therapy to the prostate with pin-point accuracy. Cyberknife is a particular type of radiation therapy because it uses Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy or SBRT to ensure sub-millimeter accuracy on the prostate and avoid harming other areas around the prostate, including healthy tissues. Cyberknife is the only radiation therapy technology that automatically tracks tumor motion and adjusts the treatment beam as natural prostate motion is detected.

For successful prostate cancer treatment, it is all about precision, this is why Cyberknife is so effective. One of the major difficulties in traditional cancer treatment is the ability to adjust for involuntary and unpredictable organ and tumor movement inside the body. For example, during a prostate cancer treatment, the prostate can move up to 5 millimeters in only 30 seconds. However, with the Cyberknife System, these movements are tracked automatically and accurate radiation oncology will be delivered to the exact spot necessary on the prostate. Cyberknife can therefore save healthy tissues around the prostate like the bladder and bowel.

Typically, without Cyberknife, prostate cancer surgery is used; with Cyberknife, you can undergo an effective prostate cancer treatment that is non-surgical and more effective than surgery.

Expectations as a Prostate Cancer Patients

At Epic Care Cyberknife, the Walnut Creek Cancer Center, our prostate cancer patients can expect the following when undergoing treatment.

Consultation: First, all patients meet with one of our expert radiation oncologists to discuss your case and determine the most appropriate prostate cancer treatment plan. Typically, Cyberknife is deemed the best course of treatment for prostate cancer patients.

Pre-Treatment: Following the initial consultation, gold pellets or fiducials will be implanted into the prostate. These pellets allow the tumor to be tracked during the SBRT. For most patients, three or four pellets are implanted about two weeks prior to the Cyberknife treatment beginning.

Imaging & Dose Planning: About a week after the pellets have been implanted, your radiation oncologist will plan the exact SBRT treatment plan including doses and the number of doses needed for the patient’s case.

Treatment: A week after the imaging and dose planning, treatment will begin. For the majority of patients, Cyberknife prostate cancer treatment consists of four or five sessions during the course of one to two weeks. The treatment itself is non-invasive and does not require any anesthesia. The patient will be required to lay on our Cyberknife treatment table while specific radiation doses are targeted on the patient’s prostate tumor.

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If you have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, please do not hesitate to contact Epic Care Cyberknife in Walnut Creek, California. Our radiation oncology department understands how difficult a cancer diagnosis is, but we will be here to deliver answers to your questions and effective treatments to cure your prostate cancer. Contact Epic Care Cyberknife at (925) 391-2220 or schedule your first consultation online. We look forward to helping you beat cancer with our cancer treatments in East Bay California and continue living a healthy life!