Treating Head and Neck Cancer at Epic Care CyberKnife

Our team of radiation oncologists are ready to guide you toward recovery from head and neck cancer, also known as throat cancer. The doctors at Epic Care are experts at CyberKnife therapy, which is a noninvasive treatment option for his disease.

CyberKnife uses highly-targeted radiation and delivers it only to the affected areas of the throat using tumor-tracking technology. This prevents any unnecessary radiation from reaching healthy tissues or organs. The device has a flexible robotic architecture that can reach hundreds of unique angles. The treatment is more comfortable for patients, minimizing side effects, and can often even be completed in as few as one to five outpatient sessions.

What is Head and Neck Cancer?

Head and neck cancer, or throat cancer, often starts in the squamous cells that line the throat’s moist, mucosal surfaces. This can include inside the mouth, nose, and throat. It may also begin in the salivary glands, however this is less common. Two risk factors include the use of alcohol and tobacco, which is the cause of 75% of head and neck cancers.

What to Expect As Head and Neck Cancer Patient

Once our patients have decided that Epic Care Cyberknife is the best place to receive their cancer treatments, our lung and chest cancer patients should expect the following.

Consultation: First you will receive a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your unique form of head and neck cancer, and any other treatments you may have considered. Here, you will likely be able to come up with a treatment plan.

Pre-Treatment: Gold pellets or fiducials will be implanted into your throat tumor about two weeks before your initial treatment. This will assist CyberKnife in tracking the movement and size of the tumor.

Imaging & Dose Planning: Your radiation oncologist will decide what SBRT treatment plan is right for you. The dosage size and number of doses will depend on factors such as placement, size, and so on.

Treatment: Once your treatment begins, you can expect to have around five sessions over the span of one to two weeks. The noninvasive treatment will not require anesthesia and will require virtually no recovery time.

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