Is Cyberknife treatment effective for Brain Cancer?

Epic Care Cyberknife is your East Bay & Walnut Creek Non-Invasive Cancer Center

Epic Care Cyberknife, provides non-invasive cancer treatment, often alongside other cancer treatments, to patients with a variety of different cancers. Despite the name, no knives are used in treatment. Instead, highly-targeted radiation is delivered to treat tumors and malignant cells. The treatment is performed in our outpatient treatment center in one to five sessions. CyberKnife technology can be used to treat multiple types of cancer in various parts of the body. This includes brain cancers.

Cyberknife Treatment is effective for brain cancer

A brain cancer diagnosis can be frightening and daunting, but there are treatment options available, including here at Epic Care CyberKnife. Using CyberKnife radiation therapy, a robotic arm will guide a targeted stream of radiation directly into the tumor. We use real-time scans and analysis to track cells during treatment, increasing the effectiveness. Due to the high level of accuracy, the surrounding tissues and organs will remain healthy. Additionally, there are minimal side effects that come along with the CyberKnife treatment. Patients can typically keep up on their normal day-to-day activities as desired. Because we can directly target the affected area, typical components of brain cancer treatments – such as a head frame bolted into the patient’s skull – are rendered unnecessary. This is because the Cyberknife system is designed to compensate and adjust for any amount of movement.

Decades of proof support Cyberknife’s success

Cyberknife has been used successfully for various cancers for over 20 years. When it comes to the brain, it can be used for both benign and malignant tumors. It has also proven to be successful in treating acoustic neuroma, brain metastasis, trigeminal neuralgia, arteriovenous malformations, and more. Not only does CyberKnife provide targeted treatment, but it also takes significantly less time and offers a reduced occurrence of side effects. Due to the non-invasive nature of the CyberKnife treatment, there is limited pain, no incisions, no anesthesia necessary, no hospitalization, and no recovery time

Feel confident with Epic Care Cyberknife on your side

If you have been diagnosed with brain cancer, rest assured our oncologists are ready to meet with you to incorporate our advanced technology as a part of your treatment plan. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment to get started.