Living With Cancer During COVID-19

Living With Cancer During COVID-19

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is difficult, overwhelming, and scary no matter the circumstances, but it may feel even more isolating if you have received this diagnosis during COVID-19 or just before the pandemic began. At Epic Care CyberKnife, we understand how hard a cancer diagnosis is; it can make you feel anxious, alone, and sad. Our cancer care team hopes to provide you with not only the quality care you need and deserve, but also some coping mechanism to deal with your cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suggestions for Coping with Cancer & the Pandemic

Coping with cancer can be difficult, especially when you feel isolated from family and friends. Our CyberKnife oncologists and radiologists recommend the following coping habits:

Connect with People Every Day: If you live alone or need to isolate yourself from friends and family, stay connected with those you love. You can do this through daily phone calls, video chats, and online support groups. Even the smallest conversation can help you feel more hopeful and less alone during these hard times.

Focus on What You Can Control: Unfortunately, you cannot control the pandemic nor can you control your cancer diagnosis. However, you can control so many other aspects of your life. Epic Care CyberKnife wants you to focus on exercising as much as you physically can, eating healthy, nutritious meals, drinking plenty of water, and getting eight hours of sleep every night. These are the habits that are going to make you stronger for your cancer treatment and help you restore your health.

Look for Hope & Positivity: This can mean something different for many people, but we want you to figure out what it means for you. Try to find something each day that gives you hope and brings positivity into your daily life. This could be reading a book, watching an episode of your favorite series, calling that funny friend or family member, or trying a new arts and crafts activity you found on YouTube.

Contact Epic Care CyberKnife for Cancer Treatment in Walnut Creek

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, contact Epic Care CyberKnife. Our cancer care team can discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. We will do everything to make you comfortable with your cancer during this pandemic and restore your health. We look forward to seeing you soon!