Pancreatic Tumors and CyberKnife Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous and difficult to treat cancers that we have encountered, given the pancreas’ proximity to vital organs and connected blood vessels. To this day, pancreatic tumors represent an unsolved problem to oncologists and radiologists alike, with scientists around the world working on solutions to this deadly condition. Here at Epic Care Cyberknife, your local East Bay Area oncologist, we understand the gravity of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis which is why we have put so much work into perfecting our Cyberknife pancreatic cancer treatment. While pancreatic cancer remains one of the most difficult to treat, the precision and effectiveness of Cyberknife are revolutionizing our approach to pancreatic tumors. Find out about how Cyberknife can treat your pancreatic cancer and why Epic Care should be your East Bay Area oncologist of choice!

Pain in the Pancreas

If you live in Walnut Creek you may be asking: “Where is the best cyberknife near me?” Well look no further, Epic Care Cyberknife is on the cutting edge of cyberknife treatment and is conveniently located in the East Bay Area! If you have pancreatic tumors, the last thing you want to do is have to travel hours just to find a high-quality cyberknife surgeon here at Epic Care, your local East Bay Area oncologist, we employ only the most highly trained medical professionals, certified in Cyberknife and an array of other radiology and surgical treatments. Here are just a few of the reasons that Cyberknife treatment may be the best option for dealing with your pancreatic cancer:

  • Extreme Accuracy:

    The pancreas often sits very close to several vital organs that should not be exposed to radiation, which is why cyberknife is precise up to the millimeter!

  • Adjusting For Respiration:

    The pancreas often moves with respiration, posing a danger to the kidneys, spinal cord, and liver. Our intensity-modulated radiotherapy system (IMR), reads your breathing rate and reduces radiation levels as your breath moves your pancreas, drastically decreasing the chances of exposing your other organs.

  • Attack From Every Angle:

    Our pancreatic tumor treatment takes full advantage of our arsenal of radiotherapies, using not only cyberknife but also chemotherapy and radiotherapy to increase the chances of a successful operation.

Contact Your East Bay Area, Oncologist

If there is one cancer that cannot be played with, it is pancreatic cancer. Here at Epic Care Cyberknife, we understand the urgency of pancreatic tumors, and the level of precision necessary to remove them without damaging other organs. While Pancreatic Cancer is still a threatening diagnosis, cyberknife is making the outlook for our patients brighter every day. Contact Epic Care Cyberknife, your local East Bay Area oncologist, to learn more about cyberknife pancreatic cancer treatments or to schedule an appointment today!