Acknowledging Your Own Feelings First

Talking With Loved Ones About Cancer

At Epic Care Cyberknife in Walnut Creek, California, we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to receive a cancer diagnosis and possibly even more difficult to tell loved ones about it. Our radiation oncology team empathizes with you and supports you throughout your fight against cancer. Dr. Gautam Prasad, our top rated radiation oncologist and director of radiation oncology, will work with you and your family to choose the most appropriate cancer treatment for your specific case. We will also assist you with any questions you may have about your diagnosis and Cyberknife treatment options, as well as your family’s concerns and questions.

Acknowledging Your Own Feelings First

Acknowledging Your Own Feelings First

For many new cancer patients, one of the most unexpected, yet difficult parts of their diagnosis, is telling their family and friends. At this time, it is normal to experience a wide variety of emotions. You and your loved ones may be angry, sad, scared, frustrated, disappointed, or feel a sense of loss. These conversations can be difficult to navigate, especially with heightened emotions. At our Walnut Creek Cancer Center, we always tell our patients that it’s important to acknowledge their own personal feelings first and understand how they feel about their diagnosis.

New cancer patients should acknowledge their own feelings about their diagnosis because they need to understand that what they are feeling is normal, valid, and completely acceptable. No one can tell you how to feel about your cancer. This acknowledgment of feelings will be different for every patient. Once you have tried to understand your own feelings, you may be ready to talk to family and friends about your cancer. Our Epic Care Cyberknife team encourages patients to explain to their loved ones how they feel about their cancer and the personal process you went through to understand and learn about these feelings.

Telling Family & Friends About Your Diagnosis

Who you tell and how you tell them is completely up to you. Most patients begin with those closest to them: a spouse, parents, siblings, and best friends. When you tell your loved ones about your cancer, they may react in a number of different manners, each is specific to the person. Some will probably feel sad, overwhelmed, and scared for you. While others try to be happy and positive to support you in this difficult time. For many, they may not have a response or know what to say, this is also normal. Remember, it’s important to share your own personal feelings with them and to validate that all emotions are normal and okay given the circumstances. Additionally, if you have decided how friends and family members can support you, do not be afraid to tell them. Express to them how you want to be helped. This can be quite helpful for the patient and the loved ones.

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