Radiation Therapy in the East Bay

At Epic Care Cyberknife, patients seeking cancer treatment in the East Bay area will find the most advanced radiation therapy technology currently available, in a caring environment attentive to their needs and treatment plan. If you or a loved one needs treatment for throat cancer, Cyberknife targeted radiation therapy is one of the best options, whether used alone or in combination with other treatments. Here’s how radiation therapy is used to treat throat cancer.

What is CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is a form of radiation therapy that uses tumor tracking technology and a mechanical robotic arm to deliver extremely precise radiation to tumors without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

Comfortable and Flexible Treatment

The flexibility of the robotic arm allows the device to target cancer from any angle, and the tumor-tracking technology keeps the radiation on its target regardless of minor physical movement, so the patient can rest comfortably during treatment and does not need to be held in place by restrictive straps and headgear.

Minimum Discomfort, Little to No Downtime

Because CyberKnife delivers radiation so precisely, treatment doesn’t take as long as other forms of radiation therapy and causes fewer side effects.

Throat Cancer and CyberKnife

Throat cancer, also called head and neck cancer, often begins in the squamous cells lining the mucosal membranes inside the throat, mouth, or nose. The two most significant risk factors for throat cancer are alcohol and tobacco use.

Getting treated for throat cancer at Epic Care CyberKnife looks like this:

  • Consultation, where your unique treatment plan is crafted, and all other treatment options or supplemental treatments are discussed.
  • Pre-treatment, two weeks before treatment, gold pellets or fiducials are implanted in your tumor. This allows CyberKnife to track the position and size of the tumor during treatment.
  • Imaging and Dose Planning the oncologist will decide the size and number of doses needed to treat your tumor, depending on factors such as placement and size.
  • Treatment will occur over the span of two weeks and consist of around five sessions. No anesthesia is required, and this noninvasive treatment requires virtually no recovery time.

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